Salman Khan’s Being Human Clothing Celebrates Five Successful Years with ‘Unsung Heroes’

Salman Khan’s Being Human Clothing Celebrates Five Successful Years with ‘Unsung Heroes’

Unsung Heroes

MUMBAI—On the occasion of its fifth anniversary, Salman Khan’s Being Human has launched #5YearsOfBeingHumanClothing campaign with eight unsung heroes sharing their inspiring stories with the world. The campaign is shot by renowned photographer Prasad Naik and conceptualized by the agency ‘Pulp.’ It celebrates inspirations and breaking through societal taboos with these crusading champions and their unheard stories.

Each individual is an unsung hero of space that our society needs but is seemingly hesitant and callous about. This initiative by the brand stands for and believes in Being Brave, Being Courageous and most of all, Being an Awesome Human. Here are the eight names:

Arjun Meghe and Jyotibha Patil, who are the founders of ‘Insaniyat,’ a non-profit organization aimed towards social development.

Karan Berry, who makes ‘zero-profit shoes’ for differently-abled people.

Deane de Menezes, who is a founder of ‘Red is the New Green,’ and conducts awareness sessions about menstruation across society while also providing access to economic sanitary options and safety measures to dispose of menstrual waste.

Rajeev Dilip Kher, who founded ‘3S India,’ runs a sanitation drive addressing hygiene-related issues that have benefited over 1,000,000 laborers.

Maitreyi Jiwchkar, who brought up ‘Zero Gravity,’ was established as a youth-led entity connecting change-makers to opportunities on a single platform for social good based on innovation and ideation in the fields of education, environment, healthcare and rural development.

Poorva Shingre, who works at ‘Once upon a Doug’ to help cotton women farmers get a reliable secondary income from handmade, up-cycled cotton bracelets, which are sold globally.

Raviraj Shetty, who works for ‘Ummeed Child Development Center’ is the final hero. His is an NGO that provides care for children with disabilities and their families. He works to make every child experiencing disability reach their maximum potential and become a part of the society in respectful ways.

These stories will be a part of the month-long celebration to commemorate this milestone. The complete stories can be read on

Taking this idea forward, the brand will launch a digital campaign inviting all to share inspiring stories of anyone they may know by using the hashtag #5YearsOfBeingHumanClothing and will give a chance for them to get featured in their next campaign along with other rewards, such as vouchers from the brand.

The clothing line with a heart was launched in 2012 by Salman Khan, and its global licensee, The Mandhana Retail Ventures Limited. After a successful launch in Europe, the brand was subsequently launched in Middle-East, India, Nepal, and Mauritius over the past five years and currently has more than 600 points-of-sale globally.

The brand has received global acceptance due to its unique model wherein through the sale of each garment; the brand supports the education and healthcare initiatives undertaken by Being Human – The Salman Khan Foundation.

Known for its trendy designs, Being Human Clothing has marked its position among the top apparel brands in India and overseas. This fast-moving fashion brand is an interesting mix of creativity and functionality supported by cost-effective product development.

Taking the brand ethos forward, the clothing line has made a distinct identity for itself in the retail industry by employing one differently-abled employee as a Fashion Consultant in each of its stores.

Reflecting on Being Human and the campaign, Khan said, “These heroes made me see the world through their eyes. Their constant effort to make a difference and create positive change is simply phenomenal. When I see so much selflessness, compassion and eagerness to do good for our society, especially in such young people, it is an absolutely great feeling.”

Five milestone achievements of the Being Human Clothing Line:

1. In India, the brand has covered the length and breadth of the country with its multi-retailing strategy: 29 exclusive stores, 24 franchise stores, 405 multi-brand outlets and shop-in-shops and four e-stores.

2. The brand is available in leading international markets such as Europe, Mauritius, Middle-East and Nepal with one exclusive store in Bordeaux, France as well as in Mauritius and three shops in Nepal. It has a retail footprint of 145 shopping islands across Middle-East and Europe.

3. It follows a unique store design concept as it builds its stores with the themes of re-cycle, re-use and re-invent. Being Human has won several awards acknowledging the unique concept, including “IMAGES Most Admired Retailer of the Year 2017 – Store Design & Visual Merchandising.”

4. It was recognized as the Most Exciting Apparel Brand in a study conducted by Economic Times and AC Nielsen in 2015.

5. It has won the most iconic Made In India Brand award in 2017.Being Human Clothing has won awards like Emerging Brand Award (2015), Most Admired Fashion Brand of the Year (2016) and Apparel Retailer of the Year (2014) to name a few, Being Human Clothing over the years has been successful in elevating consumer service levels.

Where Being Human plans to go:

1. In coming years, the Brand is looking forward to aggressively expand its retail business in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities in India.

2. The city expansion plan also includes 1500 point-of-sale (POS) outlets in next three years.

3. Being Human Clothing already has tie-ups with the leading online fashion stores in India but is eyeing to launch its E-commerce website.

4. Menswear followed by women’s wear and accessories will soon have a new label called ‘Athleisure’ among them.

5. Along with other development goals, the brand also has plans for expanding overseas in the pipeline.