एक गरीब लड़की को सलमान ने दिया अपनी फिल्म में काम, वही आज बन चुकी है करोड़ों की मालकिन

We have always been listening to Lama Khan's generosity. Salman Khan made his career by giving him many new faces in Bollywood. Salman Khan has also helped many Bollywood stars. One of them is the name of actress Daji Shah, who has become a big name in Bollywood today. Only Salman Khan's hand is behind the success of Daisy Shah.Daisy Shah bilong from a poor family. Daisy Shah's father used to serve the driver. Daisy Shah learned dance to make his career, after which he performed backstage dance on many songs. But Daisy Shah did not get the success that he had dreamed of. But Salman Khan gave a chance to Daji Shah in his film Jai Ho and made him Bollywood's Famous Actress. Daisy Shah now charges at least Rs 2 crores for working in a movie.Daisy has worked in many Bollywood films since the film Jai Ho. Even Salman Khan gave him a chance again in his movie Race 3. Due to which Daji Shah was in a lot of discussion. Daisy Shah has also said this many times that Salman has a great favor on him and he will not forget this till his death.It is also true that he was trolled in the film with Salman Khan. But it is also true that due to Salman Khan, Daisy has become a successful Bollywood actress today. Only Salman Khan can do that in Bollywood.

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