ऐश्वर्या राय भी हुई #MeToo में शामिल, बॉलीवुड के इस दबंग पर लगाया ये आरोप

ऐश्वर्या राय भी हुई #MeToo में शामिल, बॉलीवुड के इस दबंग पर लगाया ये आरोप...

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Hello everyone, welcome to everyone, there is a continuous, no one actress has been discussing through her statements under the influence of the Meteor Campaign in Bollywood,
But just as a case is coming after this campaign, the same way a recent post of Aishwarya on social media is becoming viral, it is a tweeter post that says, 'Yes, I was abused, beaten, and threatened several times in my previous toxic relationships. Bollywood's biggest charity, who calls himself 'human' is not a human being.
Significantly, with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Salman Khan, at some time Sirius was in relation, but over time, she had a very sad breakup. After the breakup, Salman, who was lost in his love, crossed all limits to get Aishwarya, he has been in a lot of discussion.
Because of this, this post of Aishwarya is once again reminiscing the old things. But would like to point out that this post is not Aishwarya but no fan has done it. Which is edit from Photoshop. After this tweet, there was a flood of criticism on social media for a time, but when it was thoroughly investigated, the matter would come up.

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