पहली बार सलमान ने एक मजबूरी में उतारी शर्ट | Salman Khan Shirtless Trend

पहली बार सलमान ने एक मजबूरी में उतारी शर्ट, ऐसे बन गया फिल्मी ट्रेंड | Salman Khan Shirtless

For the first time, Salman made a shirt in a compulsion, made such film trends. Salman Khan Shirtless

Salman Khan's shirtless trend has been a super hit for over 20 years. Salman Khan first showed this style in the 1998 film 'Pyaar Keoo daarna Ki'. In the song "O O Jaane Jaana ..." in the film, Salman Khan came to the front with a shirtless hand for the first time. This style has become the identity of Salman. Today, from 'Pyaar Keo dharna kya' to 'Race 3', Salman has this style in every film.
The biggest question is how this trend is made. In a TV reality show, Salman Khan responded to this question. Salman told here that he did not wear a shirt for the first time to set a trend, but he had to do it in compulsion

Salman told that the song was being shot in Mad Island. The shirt that the designer gave to Salman for the shoot was so tight that he could not seem to touch his button. Meanwhile the designer went to take a new shirt It was about 4 hours to get them back. It was the month of May and the heat on the set was increasing.
In such a situation, Salman told the director of the film and brother Sohail Khan that he was ready to shoot without a shirt. First Sohail was not sure about his point of view. Sohail again asked him if he would shoot shirtless and shoot? After completing Salman, he shot the song. It would not be wrong to say that in the compulsion, Salman had to shoot without shirts.

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