बीमारी की हालत में छोड़ गया था पति, Salman Khan ने की मदद, आज बिल्कुल फिट हैं Pooja Dadwal

बीमारी की हालत में छोड़ गया था पति, Salman Khan ने की मदद, आज बिल्कुल फिट हैं Pooja Dadwal

Helped by the husband, Salman Khan was left in the condition of illness, Today is absolutely fit Pooja Dadwal

Bollywood star Salman Khan is also a hero in real life not only in films. Because of his generosity, due to his headlines, Salman's headline has become absolutely fit today. Salman's The Costaar, who was seen in the Veeragati in 1995, is worshiped Dadwal.

Pooja was battling TB disease His economic situation was not well. Puja sought Salman's help after being forced to meet him. Dabang Khan went ahead and helped him and spent the treatment. If news of Times Now is concerned, then in this difficult period of illness, the families of the worshipers and even their husband had left. But with the help of 'brother' he is absolutely fine today.

In those days the worship was so weak that he could not go to meet Salman himself. He sought help from them through a video. According to the reports, Pooja was in such condition that he had no money till he got tea. Their weight was drastically reduced. When the treatment started, the condition improved. Also, the weight of the actress has also increased by about 20 kilos. Pooja has said that thanks to Salman Khan for improving this health and spending treatment.

Pooja told in a conversation with the Mumbai Mirror that he was admitted to the hospital on March 2. At that time he was a victim of heavy depression. He was suffering from severe cough and breathing. But now the worship is healthy and has been discharged from the hospital and went to Goa. Pooja said that if she is alive today, then the reason is only Salman Khan.

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