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बॉलीवुड सुपरस्टार सलमान खान को लेकर एक बड़ी खबर सामने आई है। सलमान खान के एनजीओ बीइंग ह्यूमन को मुसीबत का सामना करना पड़ रहा है। सलमान खान ने बीइंग ह्यूमन नाम की संस्था बना कर कारोबार करने के साथ साथ लोगों की मदद भी की है। लेकिन बीएमसी ने सलमान खान के इस एनजीओ को ब्लैकलिस्ट में डालने का फैसला किया है।

बीएमसी ने बीइंग ह्यूमन फाउन्डेशन के ख़िलाफ़ ये कार्रवाई एक साल बाद भी बांद्रा में एक डायलिसिस सेंटर को स्थापित नहीं किये जाने के कारण की है। सलमान खान की संस्था को ये प्रोजेक्ट दिया गया था। बीएमसी ने इस मामले में कारण बताओ नोटिस देने के साथ संस्था का डिपोजिट भी जब्त कर लिया है। आपको बता दे कि दो साल पहले बीएमसी ने पब्लिक प्राइवेट पार्टनरशिप में 12 डायलिसिस सेंटर खोलने का फ़ैसला किया था। सलमान खान के एनजीओ को पाली हिल में 24 डायलिसिस मशीन लगानी थी। उन्हें बैंक गारंटी के साथ सारी परमिशन भी दी गई लेकिन वो प्रोजेक्ट शुरू ही नहीं हुआ।

सलमान खान ने हाल में फिल्म रेस 3 की शूटिंग पूरी की है और वो अब जल्द ही छोटे परदे के शो 'दस का दम ' के तीसरे सीज़न की शूटिंग करेंगे।

Bollywood superstar and universal bhaijaan, Salman Khan is in the news again and this time for his beloved NGO ‘Being Human’. Khan’s Being Human Foundation is facing blacklisting by the BMC for not setting up concessional dialysis units in Bandra over a year after being allotted the project. The civic body, which has issued a showcase notice to the foundation and has also forfeited the NGO’s deposit, is now floating new tenders for the project.

In December 2016, the BMC had decided to start 12 dialysis centres, housing 199 dialysis machines which could perform up to 10,000 procedures a month, in the city on public private partnership (PPP) basis to look after the health sector.

As per the proposed model, BMC was to provide the space for the facility while the NGO was to look after the appointment of staff and maintenance of the centre. Salman’s Being Human Foundation was supposed to set up 24 dialysis machines at Allied Cooperative Society on St John’s Road in Pali Hill, reported Mumbai Mirror. Idez Kundan, Additional Municipal Commissioner in-charge of health, confirmed that Being Human was issued a show cause notice.

“Being Human, which was shortlisted for running the dialysis centre at Bandra (West), had paid the bank guarantee and was granted all the necessary permissions to go ahead with the project. But with the project not taking off, we have issued them a show-cause notice warning that they would be blacklisted,” said a senior civic official. The official further said that the foundation was aware of a possible blacklisting.

A spokesman for the foundation said they had not signed a formal contract with the BMC.

“The Being Human Foundation has certain mandatory requirements which need to be included in contracts. There were discussions around those which ultimately did not materialise. There was no formal contract/MoU signed at all,” Loretta Lewis, a representative from the foundation, said in an email statement.

The civic body had invited proposals for the project in July 2016. Among the lowest rates quoted by interested NGOs was by the group running Shivam Hospital in Dahisar, which agreed to provide dialysis services on 40 machines at a cost of merely Rs 50.40 as against BMC’s rate of Rs 350. Being Human had offered to provide dialysis services at Rs 339.50.

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