शाहरुख खान ने कैंसर को मात देने वाले बहादुर बच्चों से की मुलाक़ात!

In the Tata Memorial Hospital supported by Shahrukh Khan's Mir Foundation and Kolkata Knight Riders, the Impact Foundation has initiated this year to support all children representing India in the 'World Children's Winners Game'. The Russian actors Chulpan Khamatova and Din Corzun Through the "Gift of Life Foundation" set up by 2010, this competition began with cancer in childhood. The children giving away are given this amazing opportunity every year. The World Children's Winners game is organized in Moscow, Russia, where all those who win on cancer are invited from all over the world for sports like track, chess, football, table tennis, swimming and shooting, where they lost Confidence can be re-discovered. Meer Foundation with Kokakata Night Riders is supporting the children with jerseys and kits for the tournament. The game will be held this year from August 2 to August 6 in Moscow, Russia. For this game, every year 9-10 children and each family are sent to a doctor and social workers along with a family. In the 'World Children's Winners game', Shah Rukh, the sport's favorite, to give a good luck to the children representing India. Khan invited him today to his native place Mannat. Shahrukh Khan, who met the children, shared, "Every child with whom I have today He has been a winner in his life, spending time with them was a good experience, and I want to give them best wishes only for the games of Russia, but for every act of life I have learned a lot from them today. Is the source of sports and sports spirit creates the perfect example. "Dr. Tushar Vora from the Tata Memorial Hospital said," These brave hearts are such children who are scary diseases like cancer Have won and have now been heading towards Moscow, where more than 500 children who have overcome cancer in childhood from 20 countries will participate in various sports. Each of them is already a 'winner' but it is international The platform will provide more exposure, confidence and feeling for them to come back to society. We are proud to know that Shahrukh Khan supports and encourages this effort of Tata Memorial Center