सलमान की ये हीरोइन आज है इस हाल में, देख हैरान हो जाओगे..

सलमान की ये हीरोइन आज है इस हाल में, देख हैरान हो जाओगे

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Bollywood actress Pooja Dadwal came to the discussion about her TB illness recently. Pooja was left alone by her husband and family due to illness. At the same time Salman Khan helped the worship of the Salman Khan. When they came to know about the condition of worship, they immediately helped him.

According to reports, Pooja was struggling with tuberculosis and lung related diseases for a long time. Pooja has now been discharged from the hospital and went to Goa. Recently he talked about his illness in an interview and said that I can not even speak about how I feel. When I was admitted to the hospital on March 2, I felt that I would die in depression and illness only on the bed.

I had given up hope. I was very weak due to the terrible cough and shortness of breath. Only then did I decide that I will fight and will not give up so easily. Pooja further said that I am thankful to Salman, who supported me. His Beeing Human Foundation took care of everything from my clothes to soaps, diapers, food and medicine. If I am alive today and have been able to escape from it, then it is only due to Salman.


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