सलमान खान ने संवारी इस गरीब बच्चे की ज़िंदगी, कहानी पढ़कर आंखों में आंसू आ जाएंगे

Salman Khan is bigger than his big stars, his heart is bigger than that. Although Salman is the highest paid actor in Bollywood, he is also counted among the highest donors.
Salman Khan donates a large part of his earnings to his "Being Human" Foundation. This foundation provides free treatment to the poor. Salman has established this foundation as a brand, so that it can help the poor.
Recently, Salman's Foundation came forward for the help of a child, named Arbis Khan. The age of Arbij Khan is 1 year, and this child is a victim of Unitalal Claft lip, that is, the upper lip of Arakisea was cut off, because of which he could not eat food and in future he had trouble speaking. Since Arbees's family is poor, it was very difficult for her parents to get Archeese treatment.
His family members talked to Salman's Being Human Foundation for treatment of Arbis and found the Foundation to treat him. Arbeiz's lips were successful in Mumbai's "Maya Claft Center".
Archez is now able to eat properly, and its weight is also increasing. Her parents are very happy after this surgery, and are thanking the Beeing Human Foundation with heart.
On August 21, the foundation shared a photo of Arbis on his twitter account, in which he looks very happy, and behind this happiness is the biggest hand of Bollywood's Sultan Salman Khan. When this child grows up, whenever she sees her picture, her heart will get a glimpse of Salman Khan.

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