हॉस्पिटल से डिस्चार्ज होकर बोलीं पूजा डडवाल : सलमान खान की वजह से जिंदा हूं | news 20 india

Dwarka hospital discharged and worshiped Daduwal: I am alive due to Salman Khan
Salman Khan's 'Veeragati' (1995) in Pooja Dadwal was the co-star. Pooja in the film was Apollo Atul Agnihotri.
A video of Pooja Dadwal, who was being treated in General Ward of Mumbai's Shivadi Hospital in March, became viral. In which he was looking for help. After being viral for this video, Salman Khan's NGO Being Human assisted him. After recovery, Pooja has been discharged from hospital on 7th August. Pooja has thanked Salman Khan for helping in an interview given to a newspaper before going to Goa.
Pooja said in the interview: Pooja also said in the interview - "Everything from the clothes, soap, food and medicines to the needs and supervision of the Salman Foundation was done. If today I am alive only due to Salman. "
Pooja doctor Lalit Anand also says that after taking multivitamin and supplements, the disease of pooja has improved considerably.
Casino management used in Goa Pooja: Before the disease, worship was done by casino in Goa. According to Pooja- I ran TB almost a year ago that I had been TB. I used to manage casino in Goa for the last few years. In the condition of illness, I had no money left at all. I was dependent on others till tea and water. "
According to the devotees of Puja, due to illness, her husband and family left her alone. Due to lack of proper treatment, condition worsened.
Ravi Kishan also sent help: Ravi Kishan sent his partner Pappu Yadav to help in worship. Pappu shared a video on his Facebook account, which was seen in the Pooja General Ward and on behalf of Ravi Kishan, a man was giving him fruit and money.
In an interview, Ravi Kishan said that years ago he had worked with Pooja in a film of director Vinay Lad. Although Ravi Kishan did not disclose the amount of money he had sent as a help.

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