5 Years of Being Human Clothing feat Salman Khan and the Unsung Heroes

Being Human is a clothing line with a heart, and the completion of 5 years called for a memorable event. To celebrate our anniversary, we launched the #5YearsOfBeingHumanClothing campaign, featuring Salman Khan and 8 Unsung Heroes from various fields. This initiative stands for and believes in Being Brave, Being Courageous and above all, Being an Amazing Human.

Here are our unconventional heroes with extraordinary stories:
1. Arjun Meghe & Jyotiba Patil – Founders of ‘Insaniyat’, a non-profit organization aimed towards social development. Watch full story here: https://youtu.be/_w5yxhManfw?list=PLvTiAcOPt3JnbIiVBPjlS7GIOY5nx7U5x
2. Karan Berry – Shoemakers who creates ‘zero-profit shoes’ for differently-abled people. Watch full story here: https://youtu.be/1IrcGd3DHmc?list=PLvTiAcOPt3JnbIiVBPjlS7GIOY5nx7U5x
3. Deane de Menezes – Founder of ‘Red is the New Green’ that spread awareness about menstruation and provides economical sanitary options to the masses. Watch full story here: https://youtu.be/GB52DBOw73s?list=PLvTiAcOPt3JnbIiVBPjlS7GIOY5nx7U5x
4. Raviraj Shetty – Works for ‘Ummeed Child Development Center’. He strives hard to make every physically challenged child understand his/her true potential. Watch full story here: https://youtu.be/jB52CmzN0ms?list=PLvTiAcOPt3JnbIiVBPjlS7GIOY5nx7U5x
5. Maitreyi Jichkar – Founder and secretary of the ‘Zero Gravity’ voluntary network, she provides opportunities on a single platform to better society. Watch full story here: https://youtu.be/q6F7W7W3Oq4?list=PLvTiAcOPt3JnbIiVBPjlS7GIOY5nx7U5x
6. Rajeev Dilip Kher – Founder of ‘3S India’ runs a sanitation drive addressing hygiene related issues which has benefited over 10,00,000 labourers. Watch full story here: https://youtu.be/t3yRxwc9SKk?list=PLvTiAcOPt3JnbIiVBPjlS7GIOY5nx7U5x
7. Poorva Shingre – Works at ‘Once upon a Doug’, which helps cotton women farmers get a reliable secondary income from hand-made cotton bracelets. Watch full story here: https://youtu.be/GzN5ElQrAx8?list=PLvTiAcOPt3JnbIiVBPjlS7GIOY5nx7U5x