Akshay Kumar PRAISES Salman Khan's Being Human CHARITY

Dabbang Bhaijaan is generous and kind heart. Salman may give attitude to lot of people and even to his fans but he is man with golden heart. Salman Khan was recently seen playing with street children and then even offer some money to them.

Yes an impromptu gesture Salman Khan has always been awesome with kids. He has been known to taken care of many kids by extending his help through his NGO Being Human foundation.

Akshay Kumar had told some time back that he has seen Salman Khan give bundles of money to people who need it. When Salu Bhai’s Bhai is vouching for his generosity what more can we say.
Salman Khan is busy with shoot schedule of Sultan.

He is currently at the top of his career but he still has its roots grounded and that is so clear from pictures where Salman Khan is playing with the street kids so nicely. We love you salman Bhai.