Beehive | Learners International School|A place for lifelong learning| IB & Cambridge Board|Gr Noida

An ever-evolving space like a beehive, The Learning Hive represents the foundation of our Community of Lifelong Learners. A beehive is symbolic of many things - an expression of creativity, a sense of freedom in work, a spirit that supports industry, a boon for the environment, a celebration of individuality and a community built with a sense of common purpose.

The eight facets of The Learning Hive define the characteristics of a Lifelong Learner. These facets are innate features of being human. We strive to inculcate, nurture, and preserve this essence of Lifelong Learning in our community and beyond.

We believe that to create a true Community of Lifelong Learners, it is essential to establish a Culture of Learning and a Culture of Community. As Aristotle has said, true excellence, both intellectual and moral, comes through habit, which comes through action, and action is driven through culture.

Through the Culture of Learning, a child naturally develops a learner’s mindset, which is carried on for life.

Through the Culture of Community, essential traits of being human can be naturally inculcated in young learners.

Let’s help young learners build on their innate capabilities. Let’s create a Community of Lifelong Learners.