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Hello Lovely Viewers.
This is the most awaited our most awaited bengali short film ( বাংলা শর্ট ফিল্ম ) - Being Human.

Being Human ( Bengali Shortfilm )
Directed By : Hayat Mahmud Rahat
Editing & Colour Grading : Hayat Mahmud Rahat
Story & Screenplay : Hayat Mahmud Rahat
Cast : Tawhid Afridi, Abu AHmed Ainun Nayem, Fazley Zakaria, Aanfi Sinha, Ariyan fahim, Shariful, Sheikh Farid.
Art Direction: Sumon Rahman​
Asst. Director : Ishaan Naim, Ahmed Rana, D.A Didar, Saifur Rahman Siam, Farabi Ahsan Fahim.
Executive Producer : Hayat Mahmud Rahat
Production House : Hotodoridro
Cinematographer : Mohammad Sakib Al Islam.
Chief Asst. Director : Farhan Shahriar Chowdhury.
Produced By : Nasiruddin Sathi.
Hotodoridro Team : Siyam Hossain Mijbauddin Taufique Rafsan Nasiß Md Muim Toqi Arafat Reza

Speacial Thanks To : Sajeb Wazed Joy.

Basicially Being Human - The Salman Khan Foundation is registered charitable trust established in 2007 and working in the areas of education and healthcare for the undeprivileged. Salman Khan Donate Every Year For Being human project.

'' The Street Boy''
Our shortfilm basicially based on Tawhid Afridi And Shariful.
The Street Boy ( Shariful) is a theif who stole wallet.

When peeple are hungry for eating their begging to us and what type of behave doing just watching. 795 million people in the world do not have enough food or money to lead a happy life.

''Being Human''
Normally our mood changes constantly and that's a part of being human.Enjoy and life of happiness and don't don't let it just be fleeting moment. We showed you shots of the street boy that one close and raw. If we embrace our faults and that we make mistakes we can move on. These words are unable to express our thoughts that we wist convey to you guys.Thanks a lot to Salman Khan for branding Being human. Salman Khan Changes our humanity.

This is the most awaited bangla shortfilm of Hotodoridro.
Being Human is not about title like Bangla Shortfilm 2017 it's all about humanity.বাংলা শর্ট ফিল্ম

Always remember one thing :- Don't need to feed hundreds people just feed one people if you have ability.

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