Being Human | Salman Khan | भाईजान की वजह से धड़कता है इन बच्चों का दिल

Being Human | Salman Khan | भाईजान की वजह से धड़कता है इन बच्चों का दिल

Generally, it is rare that the big stars remember their small town or their name on that city. Salman Khan is totally different in this case. News 18 on Salman Khan's Birthday is telling you how this Bollywood star is giving new life to the children of their birth place.

Actually, Bollywood's Dabang Khan says proudly on every platform that he is born in Indore city. Referring to Indore, he says that people of small town can also achieve bigger status.

Salman's support is given to the campaign of Bollywood Singer and Indore's daughter, Palak Mukhal, who fund charity funds for the operation of children suffering from heart disease.
To save the poor children from heart diseases is the mission of Singer Palak Mukhlal and he has so far operated the heart of 800 poor children with the money collected through charity show.
For treatment for these children, Palak Mukhal had contacted Salman Khan's NGO along with charity shows. The meeting that took place three years ago, Salman Khan too was impressed and the Bollywood star agreed to help.

More than 25 children have been operated by Salman Khan's NGO Bing Human by heart disease. This is a child who does not fall within the purview of the Chief Minister's Child Hire Scheme or other government schemes. For such children, the NGOs of Salman Khan took up the treatment and gave full support to the operation.

It is known that Salman Khan is very close to Indore. He was born on December 27, 1965 in Indore. Salman's childhood has passed in the Khan campus present in front of Palasia police station of Indore. At the same time he was born in Kalyammal Nursing Home.

Salman's childhood has been playing in the streets of Indore only. He studied with Scindia School, Gwalior, where he studied with his brother Arbaaz Khan. After this he had studied at St. Stanislas High School in Bandra area of Mumbai.

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