Dhoom 4 लगी Salman Khan के हाथ, होगा धमाका Release Date Not Confirmed

Due to the Dhoom series films, a different excitement is seen in the audience. This is a series that is a villain hero.
 So far three films of this series have been made. Aamir Khan was made villain in the previous Dhoom-3 and he did not disappoint the audience with his acting.
Let me tell you that from the time of the release of Dhoom 3, there was a lot of speculation about Dhan-4's villain. Shahrukh Khan was named after him, but Salman Khan, Baji Mallya
Yes, an English website has claimed that Salman has got ready to play villain in Dhoom-4.
Definitely it is good news for Salman Khan's fans, but there is news of disappointment for Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra's fans. If this news is true, then the one who made hatchet together will not be in Abhishek and Uday Dhoom 4.
Ranvir Singh has been signed in place of both of them, that is, the first time Salman Khan and Ranvir Singh will be in front of the screen.
Friends, do you think Salman Khan should be in Dhoom 4 or not, tell us down and comment,
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