Dhoom 4 | Salman Khan नहीं करेंगे Abhishek Bachchan के साथ दो-दो हाथ

Dhoom 4 | Salman Khan नहीं करेंगे Abhishek Bachchan के साथ दो-दो हाथ

Dhoom 4 | Salman Khan will not do two-two hands with Abhishek

There is no doubt that the audience is waiting for the next part of the 'Dhoom' series, because the 'Dhoom 4', whatever news comes out in the media about it, they started reading it with great passion Are there. However most of the news coming with 'Dhoom 4' is wrong. One such news spread like a fire on the media in the past that Yash Raj Films has signed Salman Khan for 'Dhoom 4'.
A daily newspaper informed that in the news, Aditya Chopra has signed Salman Khan for 'Dhoom 4'. Both were discussing 'Dhoom 4' for the last one year. Aditya wants that the next part of his banner's most successful franchisee film be released by 2020. Vijay Krishna Acharya, director of 'Thugs of India' will soon start working on 'Dhoom 4'. However, we can tell you that there is no truth in this news.
A source related to the production house said that, "We have not even started thinking about Dhoom 4. First, Vijay will complete the Acharya Thugs of India, after which we will start discussing Dhoom 4. So there are no truths in the media that are coming out. '
Let us tell you that in the year 2017, the name of Shahrukh Khan was also associated with 'Dhoom 4' in the same way. It was told that Aditya Chopra has offered an important role to his friend in 'Dhoom 4'. However, Shah Rukh himself later came in front of the media and dismissed the news. Shahrukh Khan had said, 'I have not received Dhoom 4 offer. I told Aditya myself that I am not free at this time. '
So friends will have to wait a few more days for the official announcement of 'Dhoom 4'. After that, it will be possible to know which actor will be seen to do two or two hands with Abhishek Bachchan in the sequel of 'Dhoom' series.

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