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Synopsis:- Ganesh (Vijay) is a college graduate who lives with his father, Chadrasekhar (Raghuvaran), who is a doctor. Ganesh's father is easy going and pampers his son with whatever he wants. Sandhya (Suvalakshmi) is a daughter of a very strict police officer Vasudevan (Rajan P. Dev), who is always suspicious that his daughter would have a love affair. Sandhya makes up her mind that she would never fall in love and disappoint her father and her ambition is to get a gold medal in her college degree.

One day Ganesh spots Sandhya and falls in love at first sight. Even though Sandhya catches a good glimpse of him, she tells her friend Fathima she likes no one. Ganesh goes to the bus stop everyday to see Sandhya. He tries to get the advice his friends Ravi (Sriman) and Peter (Karan) to convince Sandhya to marry him. Their advices go in vain as she does not care about him. She confronts Ganesh one day and tells him not to waste his time on her.

Ganesh does not give up and gets hold of Sandhya's friend, Preethi (Manthra) and she tries to talk to Sandhya, but she is unmovable. Vasudevan becomes suspicious of Ganesh and Sandhya and uses physical force on him. He also verbally abuses Sandhya, even though she tries to explain her innocence. She is forced to leave town because of this.

Ganesh finds her whereabouts and leaves his father to go out of town and find her. As he is roaming around trying to find her, his father has an accident and passes away. His friends desperately try to find his whereabouts, but they cannot trace him. Peter ends up performing the last rites for Ganesh's father. Ganesh arrives and gets heart broken that he could not even perform the cremation for his father.

At this point, Sandhya realizes her love for Ganesh. She reveals her feeling for him and tells him that she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. But he rejected her feelings! and tell her that "i've lost everything because of love even i didn't have a chance to see My father's grave its not worth it" The next day, Sandhya is found to be standing at the bus stop, waiting for Ganesh to come. Ganesh meanwhile, takes the recommendation that his father had written for him before his death and goes for his first interview.