Jeeva - Sanjay Dutt | Mandakini - Hindi Full Movie - (With Eng Subtitles)

The money lender Lala plagues people energeticly supported by his son Rajesh with his dreaded whip. When Rajesh rapes Gopal Singhs sister who thereafter commits suicide and the local thakur threatens Rajesh to sue him Lala and Rajesh set the thakurs house on fire. The thakurs son Jeevan together with Gopal manages to save his parents from the burning house but its too late for them. Jeevan seeks help with an inspector who however supports Lala. Confronting him Jeevan unintendedly kills the inspector and as no one dares to testify against Lala Jeevan is sentenced to death. Gopal arranges Jeevans saving through the gang of the sardar Jaghir Singh who once had been rendered an invaluable service by Jeevans father. With no other perspective left in life Jeevan and Gopal join the gang and Jeevan changes his name to Jeeva. But on his way to revenge against Lala Jeeva has to overcome two hurdles: Lakhan his rival for the sardars succession and police inspector Dushant Singh his lady love Nalinis father.