Prince Narula DONATES 5 Lakhs To Salman's Being Human

Prince Narula is the winner of Bigg Boss 9 and what a win it was what say? As for the viewers they had their bit of drama, emotional rundowns and amazing grit and challenge. Well the show is over and how! Prince the winner of three shows already is now the winner of the bigg show hai na?

Well the prize money entirely goes to Prince and he has been generous enough to donate part of his money. The otherwise aggressive Narula also has soft emotions and wished to do a lot for his father who he feels has done a lot to him. As for his donation towards the Salman foundation it only shows the impact that the small tiger has on the contestants. Yeah, for the uninitiated it is Prince Narula who won the show and he would only now show his loyalties to the one person who has his connection to the outside world in these ninety days – Salman Khan.

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