Race 3 में Salman Khan ने Bobby Deol को दोस्ती की खातिर नही बल्कि इसलिए लिया

Race 3 में Salman Khan ने Bobby Deol को दोस्ती की खातिर नही बल्कि इसलिए लिया
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Race 3 star Bobby Deol reveals the ‘real reason’ why Salman Khan cast him in the film, it wasn’t just a favour.
One of the most anticipated films of this year is the Salman Khan starrer Race 3. The multi-starrer film, third installment of the franchise has the quite the buzz both on social media and among the movie going audience. However, one of the biggest talking points of the upcoming Eid release is the return of Bollywood’s very own Bobby Deol. The actor hasn’t done a big budget film in years and yet here we are when he’s part of arguably the biggest film of 2016.

So, how did he get the part? There have already been reports everywhere in which the actor has said the same thing again and again, that he couldn’t find work anywhere and was in distress for years. He even took to drinking and throwing away his life until he got a grip and decided enough is enough.He got himself a trainer, followed a strict Keto diet and worked out to get back in shape. Meanwhile, his good friend Salman Khan, who knew that Bobby was looking for work, got in touch with him for the part in Race 3. But, don’t think that the big-hearted Salman Khan was doing any favours to his friend Bobby Deol by offering him the part in his upcoming film Race 3. Not in the least, according to Bobby. “Salman Khan is an angel, he has done a lot for me. But he wasn’t doing me a favour, he saw the fire in me,” the actor said at a press conference recently.There you have it, folks! Salman may be a large-hearted human being and a lot of struggling actors owe him for his favours, but when it comes to Bobby Deol, by his own admission, it wasn’t just a random favour – there was fire that Salman saw and didn’t hesitate to cast him in the film.
Race 3 also stars Anil Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Saqib Saleem and Daisy Shah. The film is set to hit theatres this Eid on June 15.