Race 3 Movie बनाने में कितना हुआ खर्चा ? Salman Khan और बाकि के कलाकारों ने कितने लिए पैसे ?

Race 3 has hit the silver screens and is one of the Biggest Film of the year. With Salman Khan adding to the Race Franchise it has become the biggest in the series of Race. It Is Humongous and Today we will tell you the entire cost gone in making such a gigantic Film. It is estimated to be made in a budget of 100 crores excluding Salman Khan's fees as Bhaijaan will be taking the profit from the business. If we add Bhaijaan's fees than the Budget would shoot up by 60 crores. out of 100 crores, 80 Crores is the production cost and 20 crores the promotion cost. The Star cast of the film is said to have charged

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