Race 3 | Salman Khan ने बिना कोई पैसा लगाए कमाए 120 करोड़, डिस्ट्रीब्यूटर्स को 50 करोड़ का नुकसान

Race 3 | Salman Khan ने बिना कोई पैसा लगाए कमाए 120 करोड़, डिस्ट्रीब्यूटर्स को 50 करोड़ का नुकसान

Race 3 | Salman Khan made 120 million without any money, distributors lose 50 crores

There was a period when the producers dominated the industry, but today's real owners are the only stars in the industry. Alam is that many times, stars themselves give producers a small part of film making, from filming. The latest example of this is 'Race 3'. According to a report, the film, produced in the budget of 80 to 100 crores, may have been produced by Ramesh Taurani but the film's earnings earned him only Rs 20 crores. The remaining 120 crores of rupees are for Salman Khan himself. Apart from this, the remaining 75 to 80 crores are distributed to distributors. Distributors had got rights in 125 million rights for Salman and Ramesh to sell the film in the theater.

Distributors have seen a loss of Rs 50 crore from this film. From the top, they are not able to even demand from their losses Salman. This is because Salman's next line of films is up. From 'India' and 'Dabang 3', they hope that these films will be able to compensate for their losses. At the time of 'Towllight', Salman himself had suffered a distributor's loss, but he should do it every time, it is not necessary.

Trade pundits say that Ramesh Taurani has received only 20 crores from the total earnings of this film. Ramesh, who has always ruled the industry through his company tips, is also an admirer of Star Power. He has also spent a lot on the making of this film. Although Salman is a co-producer of this film, he has not made any money in the making of this film. Just gave your brand name. 'Race 3' has been collected from theaters to about 160 crores. On the Internet platform, satellite rights and music, the film has earned 80 to 100 crores. Thus, the total earnings went up to 260-65 crores. If this figure was up to 325 crores, distributors besides Salman would also be benefitted.

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