Salman Khan’s Being Human Now A JEWELLERY BRAND

New Career For Salman Khan? Bollywood Star's Dubai Designs
Who does not know about Being Human and Sallu Bhai’s passion about it? Everyone knows Salman’s prized words don’t they?
Taking it a step further the Dabangg Khan now is gonna design some exquisite jewellery for a leading brand PNG which is up for a new branch in Dubai. From Mandawa to Dubai Salman sure proves his artistic abilities in a shining way hai na?

Don’t you remember how he painted an entire village during his shooting of Bajrangi Bhaijan? And now he launches a brand in Dubai. Salman sure knows to Kick up stardom in a grand way hai na? Salman himself a gem, is now gonna design some gems in a design. Wow! That’s cool and Salman is getting younger by the day. So which lady love of his would have a beautiful ring on her finger designed by Salman is the question. Just Kidding guys!