Salman Khan का मुरीद हुआ बॉलीवुड का बड़ा स्टार । Nepotism पर सलमान पर सवाल उठाने वालों को लताड़ा

Annu Kapoor recently took to social media to celebrate his “struggle of 38 years in Indian Cinema”. While most actors celebrate their journey, the senior actor thought of highlighting his struggles because he considers they have been more consistent than success.

“We’re destined to suffer, therefore we seek happiness. As they say, ‘Dukh baatne se dil thoda halka ho jaata hai, aur sach baatne se hausle badh jaate hai’, so I believe in that,” he says.

But, the 64-year-old adds that he has never been greedy for a role onscreen or money or fame.

“I’ve run a tea stall, fried food stall, among other things, to get myself going. So difficulties weren’t new in my life. By the time I started working in the film industry, I knew what struggle means. No workspace has the guts to ignore talent, and when they do it’s their loss. That’s why people who do hard work can survive everything,” he assert. Looking back at the initial hurdles he faced, Kapoor says that once has to face the odds without failing from grace and honour, as difficulties would always cross one’s path.

“But, I learnt the lesson that never trust people till you’ve tried and tested them numerous times, otherwise you’ll repent. Till an actor becomes a star, he’s never considered of any worth, so work harder to achieve the goals,” he maintains. While actors often talk about how it isn’t easy to make it big in the industry and how failures affect them much, Kapoor believes that struggle never ends.

“I might have crossed the initial hurdles to an extent but I still consider myself a struggler. Remember everyone can’t be Muqaddar Ka Sikandar. Having option B helps. When you make it big, everybody will jump over to grab the credit of your success,” he points.

For those who’re dreaming of making it big in the industry, Kapoor advises that one should not try to become a Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan or Hrithik Roshan. “The history has bluntly proved that clones become clowns. Every individual is unique, so is their journey. Your talent is subject to the approval and appreciation by the audience so even if you feel talented having a fire within yourself, it’ll never take you anywhere if the audience does not favour you. You also need to compromise on certain things,” he reasons.


Courtesy- Instagram

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