Salman Khan का ये घर Akshay-Ajay Devgn के Farmhouse से ज्यादा आलीशन

1- Salman Khan Owns his Farmhouse name Arpita Farms. Arpita Farms is located on 150 acres of land and has a swimming pool, gymnasium, and farm area for the domestic animals they own. Salman loves biking and horse riding. The farmhouse features a giant space for taking care of pets (especially horses). By the way, everybody knows that Salman may be a fitness freak. For this reason, the farmhouse features an absolutely equipped gymnasium. Salman Khan also arranged a 50th Birthday Party on his farm House

2- Akshay Kumar, who owns a luxurious villa worth Rs 5 crore in Goa, said that when he is there he ditches his morning exercise to sleep and relax with family.

3- Ajay Devgan has a large farmhouse of his own which is spread over 28 acres. It is located in Karjat city of Mumbai. The price of this form house is currently Rs 25 crore, in which vegetables are cultivated.


Courtesy- Instagram

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