Salman Khan की बहन और Khan परिवार का हिस्सा किस तरह बनी Arpita जानिये इस Full Story मैं

Arpita Khan is the princess and dearest of Khan Khandaan. Be it Salman Khan or head of the family Salim Khan everyone just loves Arpita with their heart and soul. While everyone, by now, knows that Arpita wasn’t born into the Khan household, not many know how she landed up in this high profile family. So today in our full story segment we will tell you how Arpita Khan entered the Khan Khandaan. Once, Salim Khan, during his regular morning walks, noticed an ill beggar on the footpath seeking alms with her young daughter. Seeing the condition of the lady, and the subsequent state of the little girl, the kind-hearted Salim ji started getting food for the duo. Then one day, when the acclaimed writer-lyricist was on his regular walk, he saw that the lady had passed away, and her little daughter was crying. Salim ji knew he couldn’t leave the girl alone on the cruel streets of Bombay to fend for herself. So, he held her hand gently and brought her home. Once there, he asked the little girl her name. She replied, with tears still in her eyes, “Arpita”. Salim ji introduced the girl to his family, who gladly welcomed her into their household. Soon, the process of adoption followed. Salim ji nourished the girl, educated her, made her self-dependent; From her education to luxuries, Khans never made her feel that she is an outsider. In fact, they treat her like a princess’ daughter and sister. Salim Khan always told his family members, especially sons that Arpita is now their responsibility and they will give everything they can to make her happy. Salim Khan believes that Arpita is God’s blessing in his life and consider her as his good luck charm, and so does Salman Khan who loves her very dearly. Salim Khan does not like wasting money or spending it on extravagant weddings. Yet, when it came to Arpita Khan, the family spent more money than all weddings in their family combined! What is even more amazing is that the Khans did not change her religion. She was even married off as per Hindu rituals. During the bidaai, a moist-eyed Salim ji bid adieu to his youngest daughter, who herself was in tears. In fact, the whole “Khan-daan” was emotionally choked. Khan family has always given their best to Arpita, from her education to marriage, everything was served on a silver, rather platinum platter, for her. Truly, Arpita is one lucky girl, and Salim Khan, Salman Khan and others in the family are genuinely large-hearted. Hats off to them!

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