Salman Khan की बहन Arpita Khan और Arjun Kapoor की Love Affair की पूरी कहानी शुरू से अंत तक

Arjun and Arpita started dating when he was 18 and lasted two years. At the time, Salman was a mentor to Arjun and the young actor, now 28, says he was nervous about telling the star about the relationship: "I was scared of Salman Bhai and went and told him and the entire family as I wanted them to know from me first. They were very kind about it. He was taken aback, but he respects people and relationships. In fact, he was partial in that relationship where he would always take my side."
It was Salman, again, who Arjun turned to when the relationship with Arpita ended: "I was 140 kgs, was assisting Nikhil Advani in Salaam-E-Ishq and had a girlfriend, would party and felt my life was headed in the right direction and felt sorted and thought that I would direct my film by 22, till she broke up with me and suddenly I was confused about what my future held for me. Even after breaking up, I would hang out with him. He was my friend, my father-figure, older brother, everything at that point. He was an older brother I never had and he made me realize how important it is to have an older brother."Arjun has remained close to Salman ever since and is often spotted at Khan family occasions. But if reports are to believed Arpita broke up with Arjun because of his closeness with Malaika Arora. As per a report published in an old magazine, Arjun was so mesmerized by Malaika’s charm that he parted ways with Arpita. Arjun's closeness with Malaika didn’t only affect Arpita but the entire Khan family. Arjun and Arpita's relationship went on for 2 years and the actor claims this was the first and only serious relationship that he has ever been in.

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