Salman khan के साथ कम करके मशहूर बाल कलाकारों ने Salman और Sonakshi की शादी पर दिया Reaction....!

Salman khan के साथ कम करके मशहूर बाल कलाकारों ने Salman और Sonakshi की शादी पर दिया Reaction....!

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Ever since the news has come out in the entertainment world that "Salman Khan" is soon going to make seven rounds with "Sonakshi Sinha" to make her his friend forever... Since then the children of his relatives are very happy and they are separated- Congregating differently...!

But friends, do you know that... Ever since the on-screen child artist who became famous by working with "Salman Khan" got the news of their marriage, they have jumped with joy and giving their different reactions. Have appeared...!

So, in today's video, we tell you about the top 5 child artist one by one, who have given their own reaction on the marriage of "Salman Khan" and "Sonakshi Sinha"...!

No. 1: Parzan Dastur

When child artist "Parjan Dastur", who appeared in the role of "Silent Sardar" in the 1999 superhit film "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" with "Salman Khan", heard the news of "Salman Khan"'s marriage, he was very happy. Happened and gave a very good reaction and said that "Congregation Bhai Jaan" I am very happy that now you are going to get married,,, and in your luxurious wedding I will get to dance, which I was dreaming of for years... !

No. 2: Harshali Malhotra

Let's talk about the cute child "artist "Harshaali Malhotra"... who worked with "Salman Khan" in the movie "Bajrangi Bhaijaan"... She jumped with joy and gave her reaction and said that "Mamu I am very happy to hear the news of your marriage,,, I will definitely come to your wedding... and will dance with you a lot too!

No. 3: Sana Saeed

Bollywood's well-known actress "Sana Saeed" shared the screen with "Salman Khan" by becoming "Anjali" in the blockbuster film "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai"....., and when she came to know about Salman's marriage. When he went, he gave his reaction in front of social media and said that "I have been waiting for your marriage for the last 23 years, come on but you thought of getting married, that's why I am very happy ... Congratulation my super cool dude.!

No. 4: Aditya Narayan

Bollywood's stylish actor "Aditya Narayan" played the onscreen son of "Salman Khan" in the 1998 superhit film "Jab Pyaar Kisi Se Hota Hai", and has since married his onscreen father "Salman". The news has been received,... So he gave his very good reaction and congratulated them on their marriage and said that I am very happy, and I cannot express my happiness in words that, now my onscreen father will climb the mare and I will give it to him. I will enjoy....!

Number 5: Ali Haji

Bollywood's talented actor "Ali Haji" is also one of these child artist ..., who was seen with "Salman Khan" in the film "Partner" ..., and since the news of the marriage of "Salman Khan". Have heard, since then they are very happy, and where is they giving their reaction that "I like Salman and Sonakshi's pair very much and I wanted both of them to get married soon, Congregation My Hero....!

So friends, what do you have to say about the marriage of "Salman" and "Sonakshi"...? You must tell us your opinion by commenting.