Salman Khan को धमकी देने का वीडियो वायरल, फेसबुक पर Lawrence Bishnoi से भिड़े फैन्स

Salman Khan को धमकी देने का वीडियो वायरल, फेसबुक पर Lawrence Bishnoi से भिड़े फैन्स

Video threatening to threaten Salman Khan, fans fiercely from Lawrence Bishnoi on Facebook
When the video threatening to kill Salman Khan became viral on Facebook, 'Brother' fiancee Lawrence got involved in Bishnoi. Now Facebook has become the battlefield.
The gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, lodged in Bharatpur jail in Rajasthan, shares the video threatening Salman Khan on Facebook. After this he became his Facebook wall cockpit. If his supporters started telling him the truth, the Pakistani fan of Salman Khan also jumped into the comment box. He gave Lawrence a warning of the consequences. Since then both sides are trolling on Facebook. At the same time the police has gathered in the investigation of this matter.
Just a few days ago gangster Lawrence Bishnoi threatened to kill actor Salman Khan. After threatening, gangster Sampat of Bishnoi gang reached Mumbai to kill Nehra Salman. There he also acted Reiki, but due to high security, he could not succeed. Now he had to go to Mumbai to complete this work again. Earlier, the Haryana STF arrested Sampath Nehra from Hyderabad.
Lawrence's Facebook account is being constantly updated even after Sampat and Lawrence's arrest. On June 12, a Facebook account created in the name of Lawrence was posted to threaten to threaten Salman. The fiance of the friend and friend of Salman Khan, who is involved in Laurence's Friends List, has clashed with each other. There are also some Pakistani citizens in this fence. Sunil of Pakistan, Ali Raj, Moin, Calcutta of Pakistan, has warned Laurence, saying that killing Salman Khan is a distant thing, first shoot him and kill him. A war of words is going on between supporters of Lawrence and Salman every day.

Police sources say that Lawrence threatened Salman about the black deer hunting case. After the threat police also got alert. Security of Salman's house was also increased. CIA-2 in-charge Azad Singh said that so far the investigations have revealed that Sampat had sent shooters to execute the funeral of Karor. A shooter has been detected. While others are trying to find out. Soon, police will interrogate Sampath on remand.

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