Salman Khan को Blackbuck Case के बाद, इस Case के लिए जाना पड़ेगा Jail

Salman Khan is a name synonym with trouble and controversies. He constantly gets into problems. After the Blackbuck Poaching case, Salman Khan now has another case on his head. Yes, that is true. Salman Khan gets into legal trouble all over again as an NRI couple has accused Salman and his staff for not letting them obtain electricity through Arpita Farms which is Salman's property and claim that his staff obstructed their path while constructing the electric pole. The couple has filed a case against Salman. But Salman Khan's lawyer stated that the staff at Arpita Farms nor Salman Khan have not done anything illegal. The lawyer even said that the couple is just trying to capitalize on the name of Khans and use it for their betterment. He even said that nobody is above the law and all the allegations against Salman Khan and the Arpita Farms staff are cooked up and baseless. Let's see who will win this battle now. We are sure that it will be Salman Khan, after all, he definitely uses his money power to get out of all the trouble.

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