Salman Khan ने कैसे किया Raveena Tandon का Career तब्हा, जानिये पूरी कहानी शुरू से लेकर अंत तक

Salman Khan is the sultan of Bollywood and we must say he is even the sultan of making star's career in Bollywood. He can be credited for making Career of many superstars in Bollywood and this is a fact no one can deny. But there is one person in Bollywood and Also she is Salman's friend but Salman wanted to put a full stop to her career even before her debut. And that Heroine is none other than Raveena Tandon. Raveena and Salman share a good bond now, But once Salman was on a verge of destroying Raveena's career. So today in full story we will tell you how Salman was about to destroy Raveena's career.
Raveena began her Bollywood career with the film Pathar ke phool which was a hit on Box-office. actually, this film was scripted for Aamir Khan and not Salman Khan but during that time Salman's film Maine Pyaar Kiya became a super duper hit and then makers thought of approaching Salman for Pathar Ke Phool. And Salman also accepted the offer, but just after one successful film success was riding high on Salman's head. Salman put forth a condition that he will not work with a newcomer actress, in fact, he was very adamant about this. The makers obviously found Salman more important than Raveena and on Salman's this condition they Approached Salman's choice for this Rhea Pillai. Till this time it was sure that Raveena is out of the film. Rhea Pillai is Sanjay Dutt's second wife. But this time then Model Rhea Pillai rejected to do a role opposite Salman Khan. But this hurt Salman. Salman tried everything in his might to get Rhea on board but Rhea to was adamant about the fact that she doesn't want to make a career in Bollywood. This would have sounded surely a relief for Raveena but Salman was still in not Raveena's favor. Later after Rhea's no to the film, Salman put forth Mala Sinha's daughter Pratibha Sinha and maker agreed to this too but then Pratibha too rejected to be part of this film and Salman had to face a rejection for the second time. Then the makers didn't want to waste any time and with no other option Makers roped in Raveena again. But Salman was not happy with this. Salman tried his best overall the shooting that the makers change their choice of heroine but then Makers stuck to their original choice. Well after all the problems the film was released and became a hit too and that is how Raveena's career too started in Bollywood. Well, now Salman and Raveena share a good equation but then had Rhea and Pratibha didn't reject this film then thanks to Salman Raveena wouldn't have Career in Bollywood.

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