Salman Khan पर बुजुर्ग दंपत्ति का आरोप, पड़ोसियों को परेशान कर रही खान फैमिली

Salman Khan पर बुजुर्ग दंपत्ति का आरोप, पड़ोसियों को परेशान कर रही खान फैमिली

Salman Khan accused of elderly couple, family worried about neighbors Khan family

There has been a new controversy surrounding Salman Khan. An elderly couple has accused them of harassing them for the land. The case is close to Mumbai's Panvel, where Salman Khan's farmhouse is located. According to the reports three years ago, the elderly couple Ketan Kakkar and his wife Anita Kakkar, who returned to Mumbai from the US, want to make a bungalow on their land at Panvel. But Salman Khan is being disturbed by him.

The couple said that when they were in the US, they had to come and visit Salman's farmhouse as a neighbor and they were treated like good neighbors. But now that they are returning and wanting to build a house there, they are being harassed.
The Kakad family also said that they bought the land belonging to Salman's farmhouse in 1996 for Rs 27 lakh and for this they also got the consent of Salman Khan, Salman Khan's father. But now they are unable to make their bungalows there despite having a proprietary rights to the land.

The couple has alleged that Salman has put a gate near the farmhouse, which is causing him difficulty in going to his land. The Kakkad family also said that an officer of the forest department raised a voice against the Khan family to help him, then he was transferred.

The couple said that electricity has also been arranged for Salman's horses in Panvel. But basic amenities such as electricity are not being provided for their land.

The victim's family claims that the forest minister Sudhir Mungantiwar had appealed to intervene in this case. He also assured that justice would be done with them. But later he was seen to be party with Salman.

The couple and their lawyer Abha Singh say that Salman and his family are rowdy. Because of this, they are not being heard anywhere. However, no reaction has been received from the Khan family so far. Talking to Salman, he is currently busy in the 'The-Bang Reloaded' tour in the US.

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