Salman Khan Asks His Fans To Buy His Bracelet Officially

Salman Khan’s bracelet, which he wears regularly is quite famous amongst his fans. He has been wearing it from a long time as a sign of good luck.
And what if we tell you that the bracelet is now being sold in the markets officially? Yes…you read it right! In his latest collaboration with PNG Jewelers, the Dabangg Khan announced that people can now purchase copies of the bracelet and the money earned through this will go to Being Human Foundation.
We take this opportunity to trace the filmi career of the bracelet, its highs and lows, and of course, the controversies.
In the public memory, the bracelet came to limelight with the film ‘Tere Naam’. While Salman’s hairdo caught the masses’ fancy by storm, the bracelet also got a taste of success.
So, would you buy the bracelet peeps? Let us know!