Salman Khan Insults Rishi Kapoor Openly

Salman Khan is the king of Box-office. Bhaijaan's Race 3 was the talk of the town as soon as its trailer was out. It is slated to release on the 15 of June but the buzz around Race 3 got a little less post-Sanju's Trailer launch. Yes, Sanju is getting immense love from the viewer just with the Trailer. However, Salman is busy promoting Race 3 but looks like just like Salman Insulted Ranbir a few days back, Now he has targetted Ranbir's, Father Rishi Kapoor. Reportedly, at Sonam Kapoor's reception, Rishi Kapoor got into an ugly spat with Salman Khan's sister-in-law, Seema Khan (Sohail Khan's wife) as Bhaijaan didn't greet Chintu ji and he burst his frustration on his sister-in-law Seema and we all know that Salman Khan cannot tolerate anything against his family. Recently, while promoting Race 3, when an interviewer asked Salman Khan about Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor and Anil Kapoor doing an amazing work even after crossing 50, Salman acknowledged Big B and Anil respectfully, but royally ignored Rishi and kept saying, "who..who". Not only this, in another interview, hinting toward Rishi Salman Slammed it. He said,"If that person keeps on disrespecting me or any member of my family, I refuse to give him due regard. There are one or two families from whom I have not got that respect and love. That's where it ends. Some people from the industry will never be welcomed in my home." Well definitely Rishi ji has come on Salman Khan's Enemies list and we wonder will this put an effect on Ranbir Kapoor's Bollywood Journey has we all know In Bollywood one should never take a riff with the Sultan Salman Khan.

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