Salman khan rides being human electric cycle on mumbai road 2017

Popular Bollywood actor Salman Khan has launched a new range of electric bicycles under the Being Human foundation. These cycles have a starting price tag of Rs 40,000 and go up to Rs 57,000 for the top model. What’s interesting about these cycles is that they can also be ridden with the help of the onboard battery pack, a riding mode which can be initiated with the flick of a switch.
This feature can come in handy in scenarios such as when the rider is approaching a steep climb or simply help in reducing the fatigue of the rider. The company claims that the cycles have been tested for a period of about 1.5 years prior to the launch which coincides with the World Environment Day.Atul Gupta, Managing Director and CEO at Being Human E-Cycle will be leading the company and was formerly Executive Vice President, Suzuki Motorcycle India.
The cycles are claimed to have a range of 30 kilometres and have a top speed of 25 km/h. It is targeted at cyclists of all age.