Salman Khan talks about Being Human

Did you know Bollywoods bad boy, Salman Khan is passionate not just about films but also his NGO Being Human, painting and fitness. And just as he pedals himself to greater heights of success, two organizations - Sport 18 and ID Sports - are glad to be associated with this fit-and-fine actor on their first Mumbai initiative, Tour de Mumbai also described as a Cyclothon.

Salman Khan is quite a cyclist, himself. Hes known to cycle his way from home to his sets, or then sometimes early in the morning just to keep himself fit. Salman has shown keen interest in this initiative and has even adjusted his schedule in such a way that he can be a part of the big event. Apparenlty Salman has also allied his NGO Being Human with this new event called Cyclothon.

Salman is keen to encourage the youth and adults of Mumbai to pick up the bike and pedal their way towards a fitter and healthier society! With Sallu being so passionate about cycling, it would come as no surprise if the Khan is hailed brand ambassador of this sporting event, as Salman will be an integral part of the cyclothon this year!