Salman Khan's BEING HUMAN ACT Donates 300 Lenses

Charity donations are a part of welcoming New Year and when big stars do it , it becomes even more exciting.
Did you know that Salman Khan donated around 300 lenses to the visually impaired in Sri Lanka? How sweet of him! He also gave crutches to the disabled. We all know how Salman Khan propagates his Being Human icon. With this he has just proved he is a good human being.
Forget the chinkara and the road run overs. It is err to human, but being human is important. And boy, hasn’t Sallu Bhai time and again proved it. The most eligible bachelor still, Salman never ceases to win hearts of people across the world, and with these acts he embeds himself in their minds.
With Bajrangi Bhaijan up in the cards, Salman is ensuring that he is a bigger hit than his movies and never ceases to surprise his fans.