Salman Khan's Being Human Donates 200 Ambulances To Hospitals

Well Salman Khan is sure a happy man now with his baby sister giving birth to a darling Ahil, Salman’s new born nephew. So when we saw the tweet where we came to know that Salman donates 200 ambulances to the State of Maharashtra we quite understand his state of mind. Yes, Salman is a happy Mamujaan and thus would have his own reasons to feel philanthropic.

Anyway Salman’s generosity has never gone unnoticed and things have come to the point of absolute kindness and warmth when it is from the Being Human foundation. True enough the star’s status and financial backing help however it takes a great mind to do things for other and we have been seeing Bhai’s generous attitude even towards launching stars.

Meanwhile Sallu amidst his hectic Sultan shoot did find time to be with his nephew, sister and family and now this donation news has only egged his quotient further what say?