Sonakshi Sinha के रियल लाइफ भाइयो ने अपने जीजा Salman Khan को दिया Expensive गिफ्ट...!

Sonakshi Sinha के रियल लाइफ भाइयो ने अपने जीजा Salman Khan को दिया Expensive गिफ्ट...!

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Bollywood's handsome actor "Salman Khan" is soon going to marry actress "Sonakshi Sinha" ..., hearing the good news, his close friends and his family are congratulating him by giving him an expansive gift. !

But friends do you know that.... after hearing the good news of their marriage, Bollywood stars are giving expansive gifts to both of them. A beautiful gift has been given to the future brother-in-law "Salman Khan", which is quite wonderful....!

So let's know that, after all, which expansive gift Luv and Kush have given to their future brother-in-law...., but before that don't forget to like our video....!

Friends, as you all have come to know that soon the actors "Salman Khan" and "Sonakshi Sinha" are going to tie the knot.... The date of their marriage has not been revealed, but it is being told that on hearing this good news, everyone from their fans and close friends to Bollywood stars are very happy, and they have been given a lot of different types. Congratulating them by giving all the expansive gifts. Brothers "Luv" and "Kush" have also given an expansive gift to their future brother-in-law i.e. "Salman Khan", which you will all be surprised to see. Elder brother "Luv" has given his future brother-in-law "Salman Khan" an expansive bike of "Red color Yamaha R1" model. They are of a very new model, due to which it looks very spectacular,,, The second brother of "Sonakshi" "Kush" has also gifted a diamond bracelet to his future brother-in-law "Salman". Let me tell you, the price of this bracelet is being told around 5 lakhs, wearing which "Salman" is very happy and for this reason he thanked his dear years "Luv" and "Kush" wholeheartedly. Yes, yes, this gift is given by the elder brothers of "Sonakshi" Luv and Kush to their future brother-in-law Salman with great respect....!

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