Top 5 Unnoticed Being Human Deeds By Salman Khan Through His Films

Salman Khan is known for his Being Human deeds, be it by doing launching newcomers, helping others or doing charity. While most of the actors apparently just come and go during the shoot of their films, the superstar never leaves a chance to showcase his Being Humanness, whenever and wherever it is possible.
Check out the top 5 unknown deeds done by the actor, who carried out either during his on-shoot locations or through his challenging role, or by some other great means.
Actor Salman Khan is also better known as a very good painter, and thus auctioned his paintings which were done on the sets of his film 'Veer' for charity. Apparently some of them were also used in the film, but the actor thought to auction it for the good sake after its usage.
London Dreams
It is being said that when Salman Khan realised that the entire unit of his film 'London Dreams' were fed up of having Western food all the time, and were missing home-made food like anything, the actor then immediately showed his Being Humanness. Salman called his cook, Jaffer bhai, all the way from Mumbai to London, just to make his unit members happy. The kitchen department was then entirely handed over to Jaffer bhai during the schedule of the film. While we're on the subject, Jaffer bhai is especially known for his delicious biryani and people just love to have it anytime.
Phir Milenge
Salman's work was noticed internationally in the movie 'Phir Milenge', a movie on a victim of AIDS. He enacted the role of an AIDS patient, and was well appreciated by the World Health Organization for presenting the problems of AIDS patients in today's world. Interestingly, director Revathi roped Salman Khan in Phir Milenge, who was her first co-actor in her debut Hindi film 'Love'.
The music launch of the Anees Bazmee directorial film 'Ready' was celebrated in a quite different way. While most of the launches are being generally held at some posh hotel or at other sophisticated places, or Being Human star Salman Khan choose to do something different. The actor launched the music of his film Ready at Filmcity, and felicitated the workers living there by honouring them with clothes, along with distributing chocolates to their children's.
Reportedly Salman Khan was shooting for his film 'Dabangg' in Wai near Panchagani, where he spotted a few kids who were often visiting the sets to catch a glimpse of their favorite star. When he heard that they walk a great distance in the scorching heat, since the transport facilities are far-away from frequent in the remote area, Salman decided to buy cycles for all of them, so that they can travel everywhere and anywhere very easily. Khan gifted 100 cycles to the kids in Wai. In addition, when Salim Khan and Helen dropped on the sets, they too were shocked to hear that these young kids were traveling on foot from far-off villages just to see Salman. They supported Salman's decision to gift the cycles, and gifted 50 more cycles to them.

Well, Salman is not only running Being Human Charity Organization, but is also inspiring everybody how to be a real Being Human from heart! Way to go Salman!